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1.26-11-2019Letter No 5110 dt 26.11.2019 Transfer/Posting order of EE
2.21-11-2019Letter No 4999 dt 21.11.2019 corrigendum of Letter No 4740 dt 04.11.2019
3.07-11-2019Letter No 4822 dt 07.11.2019 Transfer/Posting order of Junior Accounts Clerk
4.04-11-2019Letter No 4740 dt 04.11.2019 Posting order of JE
5.04-10-2019Letter No 4379 dt 04.10.2019 Transfer/Posting order of EE
6.03-10-2019Letter No 4358 dt 03.10.2019 Transfer/Posting order of AE
7.01-10-2019Letter No 4322 dt 01.10.2019 regarding re-appointment and posting of Shri Pratap Kumar, JE(Contract)
8.01-10-2019Letter No 4332 dt 01.10.2019 regarding Transfer/Posting of DPO/APO
9.24-09-2019Letter No 4166 dt 24.09.2019 Posting order of DSO
10.30-08-2019Letter No 3809 dt 30.08.2019 regarding deputation of Planning Assistant
11.20-08-2019Letter No 3672 dt 20.08.2019 regarding Transfer/Posting Order of DPO
12.09-08-2019Mr. Satendra Kr. Singh, Jr. Engineer transfer from LAEO, Banka to LAEO-1, Patna
13.09-08-2019Mr. Rohit Ranjan Deputation from LAEO-2, Bikramganj to LAEO-1, Sasaram Rohtas
14.04-07-2019Letter No 3052 dt 04.06.2019 corrigendum of Letter No 2985 dt 29.06.2019
15.29-06-2019Letter No 2986 dt 29.06.2019 Transfer/Posting order of JE(contractual)
16.29-06-2019Letter No 2985 dt 29.06.2019 Transfer/Posting order of JE
17.29-06-2019Letter No 2984 dt 29.06.2019 Transfer/Posting order of Joint Director/Deputy Director /DPO/APO
18.28-06-2019Letter No 2967 dt 28.06.2019 Transfer/Posting order of AE
19.28-06-2019Letter No 2940 dt 28.06.2019 Transfer/Posting order of DSO/ASO
20.28-06-2019Letter No 2927 dt 28.06.2019 Transfer/Posting order of EE
21.24-06-2019Letter No 2808 dt 24.06.2019 regarding deputation of Planning Assistant
22.18-03-2019Letter No 1330 dt 18.03.2019 regarding Posting Order of JE
23.08-03-2019Letter No 1190 dt 08.03.2019 regarding additional charge of DPO
24.08-03-2019Letter No 1203 dt 08.03.2019 regarding Posting Order of EE
25.18-02-2019Letter No 938 dt 18.02.2019 regarding Transfer/Posting order of JE
26.18-02-2019Letter No 937 dt 18.02.2019 regarding Transfer/Posting order of JE
27.18-02-2019Letter No 925 dt 18.02.2019 regarding Transfer/ Posting Order Of Planning Assistant
28.18-02-2019Letter No 914 dt 18.02.2019 regarding Additional Charge of RPO
29.05-02-2019Letter No 672 dt 05.02.2019 regarding Posting of Junior Accounts Clerk
30.29-01-2019Letter No 580 dt 29.01.2019 regarding Additional Charge of SE
31.29-01-2019Letter No 578 dt 29.01.2019 regarding Transfer/Posting Order of Deputy Director
32.29-01-2019Letter No 577 dt 29.01.2019 regarding Posting Order of Assistant Planning officer/Assistant Director
33.11-01-2019Letter No 206 dt 11.01.2019 regarding Posting Order of SE
34.07-01-2019Letter No 89 dt 07.01.2019 regarding additional charge of EE
35.01-01-2019Letter No 02 dt 01.01.2019 regarding Posting Order of Planning Assistant