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1.30-09-2015Formats for Expression of Interest (EoI) Submission for Providing Services as independent National Quality Monitors (NQMs) in the execution of the BADP, August, 2015
2.01-09-2014Draft Annual Plan Bihar 2014-15
3.14-07-2014Mukhyamantri Kshetra Vikas Yojana- Revised Guideline-2014
4.02-07-2014Mission Manav Vikas-Draft Action Plan
5.06-06-2014Revised guideline for BADP, Bihar
6.20-03-2014BADP Revised Guidelines 2014
7.01-01-2014Roadmap to Mission Manav Vikas
8.02-12-2013Annual Plan 2013-14
9.05-09-2013BAPEPS-Audit Report FY 2011-12 Management Letter
10.05-09-2013BAPEPS-Audit Report FY 2011-12 Auditor Report Part-2
11.05-09-2013BAPEPS-Audit Report FY 2011-12 Auditor Report Part-1
12.15-03-2013Five Year Plan 2012-17 and Annual Plan 2012-13
13.06-08-2012Approach to 12th Five Year Plan.
14.23-07-2012Presentation of Annual Plan 2012-13 before Dy. Chairman Planning Commission ,Govt. of India
15.29-06-2012Bihar Kosi Flood Recovery Project,Phase II (Draft Environmental & Social Management framework,ESMS)
16.29-06-2012BAPEPS Audit Report FY2010-11,Auditor Management Assertion Letter
17.29-06-2012BAPEPS Audit Report FY 2010-11,Auditor's Report Part II
18.29-06-2012BAPEPS Audit Report FY-2010-11,Auditor's Report Part I
19.29-06-2012BAPEPS Audit Report FY 2010-11,Management Letter
20.23-03-2012Materials on Special category status of Bihar
21.11-11-2011बिहार राज्य में सांसद स्थानीय क्षेत्र विकास योजना की कार्यान्वयन की रूपरेखा से संबंधित मार्गदर्शिका.
22.30-09-2011Annual Plan 2011-12, released by Planning Department.
23.21-12-2010Guidelines of Aapki Sarkar Aapke Dawar - released by Planning Department.
24.09-12-2010Annual Plan-2010-11 released by Planning Department, Govt. of Bihar.
25.30-11-2010Power Point Presentation - Guidelines for District Plan Formulation 2011-12.
26.03-11-2010State Policy on Voluntary Sector-2010
27.09-08-2010Planning Atlas - 2010, Released by Department of Planning, Govt. of Bihar
28.29-07-2010Draft Bihar Kosi Flood Recovery Project- ESMF (Environment and Social management Framework)
29.02-03-2010Annual Plan 2008-09-Released by Department of Planning, Govt. of Bihar
30.10-02-2010Eleventh Five Year Plan (English) Released by Deptt. of Planning, Govt. of Bihar
31.03-02-2010Eleventh Five year plan (2007-12) & Annual Plan (2007-08) Hindi -Released by Department of Planning
32.29-12-2009Kosi MoU between NGO Anubhuti and Collectors.
33.29-12-2009Kosi MoU between Mahindra and Collectors.
34.09-12-2009Annual Plan 2009-10 - Released by Planning & Development Dept., Govt. of Bihar.
35.20-03-2009Model Kosi Reconstruction & Rehabilitation MOU between collectors and Voluntary agency/Rehabilitation organisation/Trust -A Guideline
36.22-12-2008Kosi Rehabilitation Policy (English)-2008
37.19-11-2008Kosi Rehabilitation Policy (Hindi)-2008
38.25-09-2008Compendium-2008, Department of Planning & Development.
39.15-04-2006Annual Plan 2006-2007 - released by Planning and Development Dept., Govt. of Bihar.
40.15-04-2006Approach to 11th Five Year Plan - Vision for Accelerated Inclusive Growth.